Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No one bullies my kid *swearing inside*

I'm just gonna jump right into this.  I got a call after first break saying that Colin needed a new pudding for his lunch because his was broken at snack time, no problem over I go with a sugar free snack pack in my pocket.  I got to the school and the receptionist told me that Colin was upset and that he said that he's been having a really bad day.  Hmmm that's not like him unless something is bugging him so I went to his class and asked him to come out and chat with me in the hall.  We started out good and then again he said "I'm just not having a good day Mum" and then the tears started springing from his big beautiful eyes.  I sat with him and when his teacher came out of the class he told us both about what has been happening to him at school for the past few weeks.  Today a boy that he is friendly with just ran up and smashed his food for no reason; this kid has issues and is very impulsive ALL of the time.  That I can let slide and so can Colin but it's what his "friends" had been doing and say that was very upsetting.  Let's call them boy 1 and boy 2 and they have been friends with Colin and in class with his for 3 years almost.  Boy 1 who is a wonderful artist drew a picture of Colin slipping on a banana peel on the stairs and falling and dieing.  The picture said; I hope you die!  Then boy 1 and boy 2 told Colin repeatedly that when they were at another classmates swimming birthday party on Sunday they were going to hold his head under water until he dies, that they are going to kill him and then they would push his head down and laugh and walk away.  This went on for a week and I had no idea.  On Friday when I picked him up from school he told me that he didn't want to go to the party anymore and that was all he said it was because he wasn't really friends with the boy who's party it was.  I got it and wasn't gonna make him go.  He tells me that boy 1 and 2 have been stealing his hat on the school yard and just tormenting him saying that they hope he dies from his diabetes.  NOT FUCKING COOL KIDS!

Needless to say we came home and I called the V.P and she told me that the boys admitted everything as they cried and said to her that they were sorry.  They said that it was a joke and that they want to be friends.  Obviously!!  So the boys have to stay in for 2 days recesses and do problem solving about how to interact in a positive way.  She says that they also need to apologise in private during the first recess and during the second recess she wants Colin to be part of the bullshit "how to play nice" session.  There is no way that my kid need to miss out on his free-time at school and sit there with the kids being punished.  I made sure that the parents were to be notified also, she didn't want to talk to me about that at all until I told her that I would be calling the police on the children if she didn't tell the parents.  I would want to know right away if my child was the one threatening and tormenting kids in his school, wouldn't you?

Lots of love and support was given to Colin yesterday and he's feeling better about it all.  It worked out nice that we got a snow day today and the schools are closed too :)

I am going to go in with him tomorrow and just follow his lead, I hope this is the end...I really do.  

p.s.  Great blood all day yesterday in target range ALL day long, today we have seen 3 lows that made no sense until I realized that it was 24 hours after his meltdown at the school.  Good to know.

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