Friday, February 25, 2011


What a frigging day I am having ladies and gents,  seriously I just want to crawl back under the sheets and pretend like this day hasn't happened.  I shouldn't be so melodramatic now that things are under control but I'm just so tired I feel like I haven't slept in days.  This morning I got C's morning insulin cocktail all mixed up for him to inject and somehow it didn't all get in him.  I passed him the syringe and turned away for a second while he injected in his thigh and then I heard him say uh-oh.  I turned around and he said "it just slipped out mom" and he was sitting there with a puddle of insulin on his leg.  FUCK!!!  I had a minor flip-out then made breakfast lol.  I ended up giving him a smaller than the norm breakfast and took him with me to the grocery store (8:30am in a snowstorm) so we could stock up on supplies since I was almost out.  By 9:30 he was 22.7 and I called our nurse to see what my best plan of action is, she suggested that I give him lots of clear fluids and if he is still in the 20's at lunch I should give him either a half a unit or a full unit of NR.  At 11:25 C felt really weird and we tested him and got a 7.4 !! Hooray...5 mins later "Mom I feel really weird" 5.4 oh shit here we go this is gonna be messy is all I could think in my sleep deprived brain.  Snack was given, fast forward to 1:30 @ lunch 7.7 hooray maybe Momma can have a wee nap till 3:30 snack.  All I have to do is make it to 6pm when we have dinner and make a correction, no extra needles needed luckily but this lady needs to go to bed at 9 you think it will happen for me?  I don't :)
TGIF have a great weekend everyone.

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