Thursday, February 24, 2011

9 Years Old

I had planned such a great blog post on little Tulins 9th b-day but alas I am late getting to it as-per-usual.  On Monday us lucky Canadians had a holiday; family day.  This year family day fell on my boys birthday and we made the most of both holidays...I have a sick boy home with me now to prove it.  We started the day with breakfast and presents; Lego Lego Lego....oh and more lego.  Colin loves lego and especially the lego mini figures so I got him 15 packages of lego minifig guys and a Star Wars lego set as well.  The kid went crazy for all this chizz...perfect!  We did lunch at home with my Mom and brother (Grumzie and Gray) and cupcakes instead of cake and they were so freaking tasty, butter pecan mmmmmmmm. Check them out.

 We all went out for dinner and then to the arcade and a movie.  We had a lovely day.

I love you big boy xoxoxox

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