Monday, February 28, 2011


Last summer C and I did a lot of swimming at the brand new Thames pool and he picked up a few nasty warts on his foot.  When he got home from his week away at Diabetic camp had changed from tiny dots to full on warts, yuck.  We saw the endo and he said it was fine to use the kids compound W on them but to just be very careful because his feet are, well they are diabetic feet so you have to take extra care.  So we started putting that gel on his feet and it wasn't doing a thing so we went to a Podiatrist and thought he would freeze it and remove it for C.  Was I ever wrong!  This fossil of a "Dr" had the bedside manor of an angry bear, he came into the room and didn't even try to be nice to C he just looked at his feet and told us that he was a weak boy...he could tell from his ankles.  Then he just got out a freaking humongous needle and tried to shove it into his foot without telling us what he was doing.  I stepped in front of him and said "please tell us what you are going to do before you do it Sir, my son needs to know what's going on" by this time C was curled up in a ball on the examining table crying.  He scoffed at me and told Colin he was a big baby and that he wasn't going to help us till the "big baby grows up" OMFG I was furious.  He walked out of the room and told his secretary that "the boy is a cry baby" then out his coat on and walked out of the office, seriously can you believe it?!  I got C pulled together and told him that I will never let anyone mean try and treat him again.  Colins response was "mean people suck Mom" how true.  So I called around places and ended up speaking with an amazing Chiropodist and explaining what happened at the last place and he assured me that would not happen in his office.  This doctor ended up being amazing, he talked us through everything and didn't even touch C's warts.  He taught us a better and more effective way of treating with the compound W so that we didn't have to cut into his foot or freeze it at all.  This made C very happy and he loves the new guy.  During C's examination I told him what the last guy said about C's ankles so he had a look at them and then he did a bit of measuring and moving C's legs around.  He looks at me and says "did you know that his one leg is longer than the other?"  Um no I didn't.  It ends up that his one leg is longer, his spine is curved and his ankles are rolling out on him.  What the hell, we came here for warts and ended up with possible scoliosis.  X-rays are in and the pediatric orthopedist wants to see my baby.  I am scared shitless.  When it rains it pours I tell ya.  Here's my sweeties little back.  Anyone know about this sort of thing please feel free to msg me I could use some information and our appt isn't till mid July.

Friday, February 25, 2011

My first Meme

So here are the rules:

1.Take a picture of the books you are reading currently and add to your post.

2.Describe the books and if you are enjoying them or not. Why?

3.For every book you are reading you have to tag one person.

4.Leave the person a comment letting them know you tagged them.
1. I did it!
2. Let's start at the top left, I am loving my Pancreas book it is going to be my bible I am sure of it.  It teaches you everything you need to know about how you can "think like a pancreas" I have learned a lot and I am half way done.  The In Touch mag is my vice...those damn teen moms suck me in at every grocery checkout line I'm in.  I love the gossip rags.  My Mom just dropped Portia De Rossi's for me to read and I am excited since I was the one to tell my mom about it months ago.  last but definitely not least is book 10 of The 39 Clues .  Colin and I started reading book 1 about a year and a half ago at bedtime when I tuck him in, I have now read all of them to him and I have to tell you that I'm pretty bummed that the series is coming to an end.  If you have kids in the 7-11 year old range I highly recommend getting these books.  The are very fun and they tie a LOT of history and historical figures into the story and we both have learned tons from them, not to mention that they are super fun and I look forward to reading it to him (still at 9 yrs old) every night before bed.
3. Since I am not YET reading (yes I am a cheater) Portia's book I am only going to tag 3 people.  let's see how about I tag Reyna because she rocks my pancreatic world and I love the way she blogs and her kick ass attitude , Amy is such a great Mom and we seem to be on a similar path, she also is such a great Mom to Emma I would be interested to see what she reads & Alexis because I would like to know her better.


What a frigging day I am having ladies and gents,  seriously I just want to crawl back under the sheets and pretend like this day hasn't happened.  I shouldn't be so melodramatic now that things are under control but I'm just so tired I feel like I haven't slept in days.  This morning I got C's morning insulin cocktail all mixed up for him to inject and somehow it didn't all get in him.  I passed him the syringe and turned away for a second while he injected in his thigh and then I heard him say uh-oh.  I turned around and he said "it just slipped out mom" and he was sitting there with a puddle of insulin on his leg.  FUCK!!!  I had a minor flip-out then made breakfast lol.  I ended up giving him a smaller than the norm breakfast and took him with me to the grocery store (8:30am in a snowstorm) so we could stock up on supplies since I was almost out.  By 9:30 he was 22.7 and I called our nurse to see what my best plan of action is, she suggested that I give him lots of clear fluids and if he is still in the 20's at lunch I should give him either a half a unit or a full unit of NR.  At 11:25 C felt really weird and we tested him and got a 7.4 !! Hooray...5 mins later "Mom I feel really weird" 5.4 oh shit here we go this is gonna be messy is all I could think in my sleep deprived brain.  Snack was given, fast forward to 1:30 @ lunch 7.7 hooray maybe Momma can have a wee nap till 3:30 snack.  All I have to do is make it to 6pm when we have dinner and make a correction, no extra needles needed luckily but this lady needs to go to bed at 9 you think it will happen for me?  I don't :)
TGIF have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

9 Years Old

I had planned such a great blog post on little Tulins 9th b-day but alas I am late getting to it as-per-usual.  On Monday us lucky Canadians had a holiday; family day.  This year family day fell on my boys birthday and we made the most of both holidays...I have a sick boy home with me now to prove it.  We started the day with breakfast and presents; Lego Lego Lego....oh and more lego.  Colin loves lego and especially the lego mini figures so I got him 15 packages of lego minifig guys and a Star Wars lego set as well.  The kid went crazy for all this chizz...perfect!  We did lunch at home with my Mom and brother (Grumzie and Gray) and cupcakes instead of cake and they were so freaking tasty, butter pecan mmmmmmmm. Check them out.

 We all went out for dinner and then to the arcade and a movie.  We had a lovely day.

I love you big boy xoxoxox

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Almost 9

Tomorrow is Colins 9th birthday and I'm starting to feel my age lol.  The D has been behaving for the most part for the past few days, one 2 am 4.1 but other than that he's been running in and around target.  tomorrow may be another story though.  Colin was asked to pick a restaurant for his b-day dinner and out of all the amazing places we've eaten at he chose The Golden Griddle, for real.  I was expecting something much more extravagant than breakfast for dinner but why not? Breakfast for dinner is the best!  What a sweet boy I have here.  So it's Colin, Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Gray and Grumzie (my Mom) for dinner and then we got tickets to go see Gnomeo & Juliet at this cool ass theatre, click here

Daddy-O and I are going to make little cupcakes for tomorrow and for C to take to school on Tuesday to share with the class.  I think we are gonna wait for after bedtime to brave the kitchen together; should be hilarious and I will post pics.  Hope everyone is having a great day.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day!!

What a day I tell ya I'm pooped and it's only 3:20 in the afternoon, we had a rough night here and I Colin and I both lost about 3 hours of sleep.   Yesterday my brother came and spent the day with us, I cooked a great beef stew and the 3 of us played Just dance 2 on the wii for a good little while.   I was sweating my ass off and laughing my ass off as well.  You have no idea how cute it was to look over and  me, my 16 yr old brother and my son were all dancing perfectly to Rasputin by Boney M...I almost peed my pants a little.  Anyways we took a break to make homemade valentines for my Mom, she came over with our valentines and Colin wanted to show her how he dances and the kid didn't want to stop I had to make him because it was 30 mins or so till bedtime and that's never a good thing for the blood sugar at night.  So he was 10.4 at bedtime BEFORE he had his snack and still he went low at night.  I woke up to my little monkey standing by my side saying "I feel funny" and I hopped up got the test kit and checked him 2.7!!! WTF.  We treated and it took about 20-25 mins to get him up to 4.6 but he really felt shitty from that bad low.  I gave him a glucerna drink and then we snuggled up in his big ol bed and waited for his sugars to come up.  I ended up being awake from 3am till about 5:30 so I'm soooo tired now.  Monkey is fine needless to say but I can't keep this kid off the freaking just dance game lol. 


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Anyone else have kids like this?

When sugars are perfect my little dude is a bit of a shit disturber, there's no other way of putting that other than to say it.   How about your D kiddlets?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

where's my award?

I feel like the worst Mother, OMG!
I know we have all done this but it still sucks when it happens.  I will set the scene for you.
I set my alarm on my cell phone for 1:30am like usual, snuggled in on the couch to watch the news and fell asleep before it was over.  Lola (my dog) was snuggled in like we were spooning and man shes warm and little, perfect for snuggling and sleeping on a cold winters night.  At 1:30 when my alarm went off I sat up and snoozed the alarm and layed back down.  My d-brain was talking the whole time telling me to get up and that it wasn't good to snooze; and what did I do?  I actually sat up and turned the alarm off and went back to sleep!!!  HOLY SHIT KERRY!!
Well it ended up being fine I was greeted by a happy smiling little boy with alright sugars, phew.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!

Heeeee's Better!!  thank flippin god.
After a wonderful nights sleep (for both of us) Colin was 6.3 this morning and back to being himself.  I'm pretty lucky because he is not a whiny kid at all but when he's not well he gets quiet.  He's normally quite a chatterbox so when he's not chewing my ear off all day long it get's quiet in here.  We have been building trying to build a truss bridge out of popsicle sticks for school but I suck.  Colin however came up a few different designs so we are gonna try a few I guess.  I think he just wants to have one for school and one for all his Lego mini figures to takeover during an epic battle.  

Monday, February 7, 2011

I miss my pillow

The munchkin  has had a rough couple of days with his cold and I think I am starting to burn out too.  
Wow there were a lot of spelling mistakes in that sleepy.   
I think this sickness is getting ready to pack up and move on out of my little guy, finally.  Crazy high numbers today but by dinner time he was down to 11.3 *Phew* 
I opened a fresh bottle of NR just for the occasion cause we always have better results from a fresh bottle, does anyone else notice that around day 25 it's just not doing it's job correctly? 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh No!

The signs and symptoms are all there but I hope I am wrong  ...  please oh please be wrong.  Colin's sugars have been high 'ish all day and he's been feeling really crappy from a little cough and he was a bit warm this morning.  Then before dinner he was under a blanket and shivering cold; he tested and was 10.2 no biggie.  But it still is weird for him to be cold, he strips his shirt off the second he is in the house everyday and will stay that way till he has to go out again if we let him.  I make sure he has on a top every night at bed and sure enough when I go check on him once he's asleep the shirt is always off.  Who am I to say don't be comfortable at bed?   So then at dinner I gave him 3 units of NR and he had about 46 carbs  then when he was done dinner his eyes were dark underneath and he asked to have a warm bath so hopefully this is nothing other than the lack of sleep catching up with him and not a yucky sickness.  Poor kid can't catch a break. 
Oh and it's snowing like bat-shit outside, this pic isn't from today but it's pretty much the same out there now ...  except it's dark out now :P

Daggg!  Well this me updating 2 hours later and we have full blown cold sickness.
He wanted to go to bed at 7:30 and I had to hold him off till 8 so I didn't totally screw up his system.  Blood sugars before snack were 17.3 !! but at least with zero keytones.  Small snack and 8.5 units NPH at 8 o'clock so cross your fingers for us I'm hoping he sleeps through the worst of it.

thank god it's the weekend!!

Hi everyone how are you all doing on this fine Saturday?  It's been a long morning here but very productive none-the-less.  C-Lo was up and down all night long and ended up in bed with me at 3 for a few hours of sleep before we got up uber early.   Does anyone else's D kiddo have trouble sleeping all night long?  It's an every night struggle for us so I was just wondering if your kids were like this too and I am so tired of getting up between 5 and 6:30, at 6:30 would be perfect but before uuuugh. 

I was hoping to ask for some help for the Mom's out there reading my blog; anyone have a really good recipe for a birthday cake from scratch?  Or Ideas on how to make one and keep it *lower* in carbs?  My C-Lo is a poker not a pumper so we don't have as much freedom with food yet.

I'm off to make snack and get my smelly self in the shower.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No one bullies my kid *swearing inside*

I'm just gonna jump right into this.  I got a call after first break saying that Colin needed a new pudding for his lunch because his was broken at snack time, no problem over I go with a sugar free snack pack in my pocket.  I got to the school and the receptionist told me that Colin was upset and that he said that he's been having a really bad day.  Hmmm that's not like him unless something is bugging him so I went to his class and asked him to come out and chat with me in the hall.  We started out good and then again he said "I'm just not having a good day Mum" and then the tears started springing from his big beautiful eyes.  I sat with him and when his teacher came out of the class he told us both about what has been happening to him at school for the past few weeks.  Today a boy that he is friendly with just ran up and smashed his food for no reason; this kid has issues and is very impulsive ALL of the time.  That I can let slide and so can Colin but it's what his "friends" had been doing and say that was very upsetting.  Let's call them boy 1 and boy 2 and they have been friends with Colin and in class with his for 3 years almost.  Boy 1 who is a wonderful artist drew a picture of Colin slipping on a banana peel on the stairs and falling and dieing.  The picture said; I hope you die!  Then boy 1 and boy 2 told Colin repeatedly that when they were at another classmates swimming birthday party on Sunday they were going to hold his head under water until he dies, that they are going to kill him and then they would push his head down and laugh and walk away.  This went on for a week and I had no idea.  On Friday when I picked him up from school he told me that he didn't want to go to the party anymore and that was all he said it was because he wasn't really friends with the boy who's party it was.  I got it and wasn't gonna make him go.  He tells me that boy 1 and 2 have been stealing his hat on the school yard and just tormenting him saying that they hope he dies from his diabetes.  NOT FUCKING COOL KIDS!

Needless to say we came home and I called the V.P and she told me that the boys admitted everything as they cried and said to her that they were sorry.  They said that it was a joke and that they want to be friends.  Obviously!!  So the boys have to stay in for 2 days recesses and do problem solving about how to interact in a positive way.  She says that they also need to apologise in private during the first recess and during the second recess she wants Colin to be part of the bullshit "how to play nice" session.  There is no way that my kid need to miss out on his free-time at school and sit there with the kids being punished.  I made sure that the parents were to be notified also, she didn't want to talk to me about that at all until I told her that I would be calling the police on the children if she didn't tell the parents.  I would want to know right away if my child was the one threatening and tormenting kids in his school, wouldn't you?

Lots of love and support was given to Colin yesterday and he's feeling better about it all.  It worked out nice that we got a snow day today and the schools are closed too :)

I am going to go in with him tomorrow and just follow his lead, I hope this is the end...I really do.  

p.s.  Great blood all day yesterday in target range ALL day long, today we have seen 3 lows that made no sense until I realized that it was 24 hours after his meltdown at the school.  Good to know.