Monday, January 31, 2011

Momma Melt Down

I really don't feel up to posting today but I think I should.  I went to Chapters this morning to get myself a copy of "Think like a pancreas" I have read so many good things about that one book and I think I am ready to start thinking about pumping so I thought I should be prepared and read this book.  I got to the computer and looked it up only to find that there were no copies of it at all in the city, bummer.  Sometimes I don't trust technology so I decided to go look in the Diabetes section for myself just in case it was stashed on a shelf, boy oh boy I wish I hadn't done that.  I ended up breaking down right there in the isle, I must have been a sight.  There wasn't anything in particular that triggered my rush of tears but it was major.  The diabetes books are one shelf up from depression and bi-polar self help books so I bet the customers around me thought I was messed up.  Not that I think there is anything wrong with people with depression (god knows I've been there, and medicated) but it did probably look like something other than it was.  I stood and cried as I looked through 5 or 6 useless books then sucked it up and went to the check-out and ordered my book.   Sometimes us strong D moms and dads just need a good cry don't you agree?  I feel better now and I have called our Nurse to make some adjustments that will hopefully get C-Lo's numbers down.  Since he is growing AGAIN his numbers are slowly slipping up up up and away.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today was a great day for numbers until dinnertime that is.  Lunch and snack were in target range but then just when you think you are safe and on the road to a good number day, whappaow 17.3 @ dinner!!  Come on now really 17.3?!   4.5 units of NR and 3 hours later he was 14.3.  Not a great number but maybe I will get some much needed rest tonight.  I am thinking that morning NPH has to be raised but it may have just been because he wasn't active at all this afternoon after 3.  God I am so tired of chasing numbers, dreaming in numbers, second guessing everything is so hard on my brain.  I guess it's a good thing that I have 2 brains, one for Diabetes and one for everything else.

I can see in my ticker that I'm getting traffic but not too much feedback, or even hellos (insert pouty face here) Say hi I won't bite.  tell me about your day with your special T1 kid(s).

Happy Weekend!

Finally the best part of the week is here; I love Saturday mornings full of coffee and the Internet.  Last night at dinner and bed C-Lo's numbers were in target range's been a while since we saw numbers exactly in range.  I was overjoyed because it was day 3 of insulin changes and I try and stick to the 3 day rule. Our 3 day rule is that you always stick with insulin changes for at least 3 full days and it usually levels out and we carry on.  Anyways I gave bedtime snack and we watched the Clone Wars cartoon for 15 mins and then when he tested he was only 5.7 are you kidding me wtf?!#@*  So we went ahead and had a few crackers and a cheese string...wait...nothing 5.8 ?!@$%  After almost 40 minutes of waiting and about 16 extra carbs I got a 7.7 reading :) This makes us both very happy cause C-Lo's sugar has to be over 7.0 to get bedtime insulin so he can go to bed.  By now he's pooped and so am I so I get him all taken care of and snuggled tight in his bed, kisses and squishes, sweetest of dreams my love.  I set my alarm for 2 am again and thought we might see a low in the night since he's been waking up high.  Yeah right!  No rebounding but that extra carbs sent him flying.   Breakfast numbers were crazy too 13.4 so I've made adjustments to food and I just have to get him out to play in the snow today.  I'm not even done my coffee and my D-Brain is working overtime.  I think it's time for something more aggressive if his numbers don't level off today. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Machine in the house

I was dumbstruck when I read a fellow T1D Mom's blog and she could not believe that the general public didn't know about keytone meters.  I had no idea what there was such a machine!  Well apparently I am not the only one and now that I did know I was all over the idea.  I did a little research and found that that are so much better than using urine strips, makes sense to me why the strips aren't as good as blood.  You can detect keytones 2-4 hours earlier than with the strips, and take preventative measures that could possibly result in one less visit to the hospital emergency room.  Hell yes I love this thing!!  So when we were out today at the drug store we found them and snatched it right up!  Strips are more expensive (10 strips for $19.99) than urine but so worth it.  The machine we got actually can be used as a blood test kit as well if you get the blood strips for glucose testing.  Anyways here's the new machine :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's the weekend!

Thank goodness for Saturdays & Sundays is all I have to say.  Things have been going alright the past few days, kinda high numbers but he's getting got my cold so that is to be expected.  My D brain has been working overtime the past few days too, I hate this cause it usually means that something is about to come up.  Yesterday all I could think of was keytones and how I want to talk to the doc at clinic next time we are there about getting a meter.  Anyhooo at bedtime he was up to pee 3 times inside of 8 minutes and my heart started to race.  I calmly got the strips and we did our stuff...wait 15 seconds......negative, breathe.  It took me a good 15 minutes after he was back in bed to slow my racing heart.  We are going to toboggan again this weekend and everyone is excited, I am going to bring my camera this time since Daddy is home from work this week. 

Have a great Saturday everyone, here's a link to some cool pics 
click to see the nite pix

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

must get

Think like a pancreas.

  A book I need to read.

Uuugh I feel like the pits

No posting for this lady, not about anything useful at least.  I have this horrible cold and I can't even think straight.  My sinus' are burning and so full my head may actually explode and end up shorting out my computer, at least it would be relief.  I currently have kleenex shoved up my nostrils so that I dont drip on my keyboard lol.  Everyone is home and so far (knocks on the table) it's just me.  I am really going to try and keep this one to myself. 

Hope everyone else out there is well, I'm gonna have a Neo Citran, a bath and some chicken wings.   Mmmm.  Then it's off to bed early for this lady.  Here's a look at one of C-Lo's sea monkey tanks at 11 days old.  They are so cool that we got another (better) tank as well I will show their growth over the next few weeks.  Ciao

Monday, January 17, 2011

Stupid Mondays

Well after a weekend of sledding and having a PD Day on Friday, we are now coming down with head colds.  Geesh!  C-Lo's blood was pretty good all weekend, had a few highs & lows but not consistent highs or lows which is nice.  It's -25C this morning so I am not complaining about not taking the boy to school today, that would be one freezing cold walk, even if it is only one block away :)

My brother stayed over on Thursday night and then again on Saturday night and we had such a great time.  On Sat C-Lo wanted to cook and serve us dinner so we went to the kitchen and prepped all the food and I cooked it for him.  He was so darn cute picking out which spices should go on our pork tenderloins, and peeling and cutting potatoes, garlic and veggies.  Best garlic mashed potatoes I've ever had I tell ya.

   The meat came stuffed and tied off but our special seasonings were the best.
Thanks Colin! xoxox

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My little sausages

7:10 AM  after a few glucose tabs since his sugars were @ 4....

Colins Story Pt. 1

It was the August before Senior Kindergarten started and we had signed him up for 2 weeks of day camp at the Boys and Girls Club.  He went for the first 4 days and then he got so sick that he never went back (I was actually upset over the money loss from missing the entire second week, something like $ silly of me).

I took Col to the pediatrician and he brushed his illness off and said it was bronchitis and chicken pox, really?  He was sounding like he had croup and was covered in a "lacy pink rash" but not in the places where chicken pox usually show up first.  Now to give you a bit of back story on our pediatrician I will have to say that he was often wrong in diagnosing Colins illnesses, I always got a second opinion at a walk in clinic and he was always wrong so I hadn't really been taking Col there unless it was something like vaccines otherwise we went to the walk in.   I was really worried though because Colins behaviour was also becoming unlike him.  He was getting up 10-15 times in a night and drinking and peeing like crazy, he was ravenous in the day and his sweet little happy-go-lucky personality was quickly fading.  I remember two nights before he ended up in emerg Todd and I were giving him a bath and having a good time and he bonked his head on the side of the tub. Nothing hard at all he just leaned over and bonked it...and he stood right up in the bath and screamed a blood curdling scream that seemed to last forever.  Then he took a big breath and he sat back down as if nothing happened.  My eyes nearly popped outta my head because that was so weird and out of character.  By the next night just before bedtime Todd said to me that we need to get online and look up symptoms of Diabetes because his mother told him that it sounds like that to her.  I nearly shit my pants, diabetes? wtf?  So we put our sweetie to bed and went to the computer and googled symptoms of diabetes. The shock of my lifetime, there it all was I knew things would never be the same.  Todd stayed at the house and I went to a neighbours to ask him if he could call his sister (ER Nurse) so I could ask her about Colin.  I had no idea how serious diabetes was yet I just knew Colin had the symptoms.  She told me that if he wakes up tonight that we have to get him to Emerg as fast as we possibly can, and that's exactly what we did.

Around 3 am he got up and tried to go to the washroom but he was confused and didn't know where it was, his eyes and legs were not functioning at 100% either so he cried that he couldn't walk or see and Todd and I sprang into action.  We didn't have a car at the time but I had asked my neighbour if he could keep the phone close by in case we needed a ride to the hosp in the night.  As soon as we got to Emerg they pricked his little finger and got him into a bed...33 was his blood sugar.  That didn't mean anything to me because I didn't know what good blood sugar numbers were.  They told us that he has lots of keytones in his urine as well, what the hell are keytones?!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowy days are cozy family days

Yesterday was a success! 
Now my brother thinks that I am having a small love affair with Colins scale, and he isn't wrong.  Is it normal to really love a piece of technology this much? I am dreaming about it and constantly thinking about it wtfudge!?  I feel like I have so much more control now and at the end of the day that feeling makes me relax.  Less middle of the night checks, less counting his food in my mind while he's at school.  That all leaves me with time and energy to get this blog rocking.  here's how yesterday looked

Morning blood sugar was 8.2  I dropped NPH from 16 to 15 and NR from 3 to 2 hoping for lunch numbers to be in range and it worked, lunch was 5.1 !!!

Breakfast was a bit of a treat today I bought Apple Cinnamon Cheerios 30 carbs, 23 banana, 2 juice, 6 milk for cereal.  61 total
Snack: 20 Glucerna, 16 Asian Pear 36 total
Lunch: 23 Cereal bar, 30 Sandwich 53 total this one was a little high, he also had a jjb before going out to play since his numbers were a little low to go outside and play. That's an extra 12 carbs.
Snack: 10 Corn puffs 10 total
Dinner: 0 Roast Beef, 7 corn, 11 potatoes, 23 yorkies, 12 milk  53 total
Blood sugar at dinner wasn't too bad actually since we didn't test after school.  9.0 so I dropped dinner NR from 3 to 2 and bedtime after snack was 10.0.
bedtime snack: 18 yogurt, 4 ritz  22 total

This morning the sugars were right in check 5.2 so I kept with the insulin changes and a few less carbs, we r going tobogganing today since it's a PD Day so I have to cut back on the insulin and bump up snacks before we head out anyways.

Have a great Friday.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yep I spoke too soon

Minutes after posting my last entry Colin had a low of 3.2  as if?!  I guess I shouldn't count my chickens yet.  It was a pretty bad low too he had to lay down and it took about 40 carbs to bring him out of it.  Poor buddy.  Either way he's gone to bed early and now it's my turn to have a bath and relax.

Nite nite 
Today I truly believed when I dropped the boy off at school that I would get a call because he had a low, but I was wrong!  Amazing!  His first day of foods calculated on the nutritional scale and his sugars have been spot on all day.

Here's the breakdown... 
Breakfast: 18 banana, 42 oatmeal with milk, 2 juice 62 Carbs (target for breakfast is 60)
Snack: 23 apple, 9 ritz crackers, 0 water 32 Carbs (target for snack 30-35)
Lunch: 22 sandwich, 21 glucerna diabetic drink, 1.5 raw green beans 44.5 Carbs (target for lunch 45)
Snack: 10 sugar free jelly beans 10 Carbs (target is 10)
Dinner: 15 potato, 12 milk, 0 pork chop, 0 cherry tomato, 0 cucumber slices, 17 jello 44 Carbs (target for dinner is 45)

I know that the day is not over yet but I think it's safe to say that this machine is going to be my best friend.  Colin's blood sugars were up around 12-14 everyday at lunchtime at school and that's double what they should be.  Today it was 6.2 it doesn't get any better than that, his target range is from 4-8. 

Someone's happy !!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I just purchased the "Eat Smart Nutrition Scale" and I tell ya I'm stoked to use this baby every day already.    Let me get you up to speed on why I am so excited about this particular piece of technology.  My 8 year old son is Type 1 Diabetic and this scale doesn't just weigh your foods it also gives you all the nutritional info you could ever want or need.  It comes with 999 food already programmed into it and it has 100 empty memory spots for you to program any other foods that you want into it. 

 You might not realize it but counting carbohydrates and going by whats on the nutritional info chart isn't always accurate.  For instance last night we had tacos, I went by what the box said and my little dude ended up having a low only an hour after dinner.  This isn't normal but we fixed him up and on we went with our night.  Then I got the scale in the mail today so I decided to have leftovers and this time measure using the "eat smart" scale.  To my surprise the carbs were almost 11 less then what the box said!  Holy Cow Batman, that's what happened last night.  

So here's my plan with this blog, keep track of the boys food and hopefully we should see a lower A1C, lower weight, lower sugars and a happy boy and family.