Monday, January 17, 2011

Stupid Mondays

Well after a weekend of sledding and having a PD Day on Friday, we are now coming down with head colds.  Geesh!  C-Lo's blood was pretty good all weekend, had a few highs & lows but not consistent highs or lows which is nice.  It's -25C this morning so I am not complaining about not taking the boy to school today, that would be one freezing cold walk, even if it is only one block away :)

My brother stayed over on Thursday night and then again on Saturday night and we had such a great time.  On Sat C-Lo wanted to cook and serve us dinner so we went to the kitchen and prepped all the food and I cooked it for him.  He was so darn cute picking out which spices should go on our pork tenderloins, and peeling and cutting potatoes, garlic and veggies.  Best garlic mashed potatoes I've ever had I tell ya.

   The meat came stuffed and tied off but our special seasonings were the best.
Thanks Colin! xoxox

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