Sunday, January 16, 2011

Colins Story Pt. 1

It was the August before Senior Kindergarten started and we had signed him up for 2 weeks of day camp at the Boys and Girls Club.  He went for the first 4 days and then he got so sick that he never went back (I was actually upset over the money loss from missing the entire second week, something like $ silly of me).

I took Col to the pediatrician and he brushed his illness off and said it was bronchitis and chicken pox, really?  He was sounding like he had croup and was covered in a "lacy pink rash" but not in the places where chicken pox usually show up first.  Now to give you a bit of back story on our pediatrician I will have to say that he was often wrong in diagnosing Colins illnesses, I always got a second opinion at a walk in clinic and he was always wrong so I hadn't really been taking Col there unless it was something like vaccines otherwise we went to the walk in.   I was really worried though because Colins behaviour was also becoming unlike him.  He was getting up 10-15 times in a night and drinking and peeing like crazy, he was ravenous in the day and his sweet little happy-go-lucky personality was quickly fading.  I remember two nights before he ended up in emerg Todd and I were giving him a bath and having a good time and he bonked his head on the side of the tub. Nothing hard at all he just leaned over and bonked it...and he stood right up in the bath and screamed a blood curdling scream that seemed to last forever.  Then he took a big breath and he sat back down as if nothing happened.  My eyes nearly popped outta my head because that was so weird and out of character.  By the next night just before bedtime Todd said to me that we need to get online and look up symptoms of Diabetes because his mother told him that it sounds like that to her.  I nearly shit my pants, diabetes? wtf?  So we put our sweetie to bed and went to the computer and googled symptoms of diabetes. The shock of my lifetime, there it all was I knew things would never be the same.  Todd stayed at the house and I went to a neighbours to ask him if he could call his sister (ER Nurse) so I could ask her about Colin.  I had no idea how serious diabetes was yet I just knew Colin had the symptoms.  She told me that if he wakes up tonight that we have to get him to Emerg as fast as we possibly can, and that's exactly what we did.

Around 3 am he got up and tried to go to the washroom but he was confused and didn't know where it was, his eyes and legs were not functioning at 100% either so he cried that he couldn't walk or see and Todd and I sprang into action.  We didn't have a car at the time but I had asked my neighbour if he could keep the phone close by in case we needed a ride to the hosp in the night.  As soon as we got to Emerg they pricked his little finger and got him into a bed...33 was his blood sugar.  That didn't mean anything to me because I didn't know what good blood sugar numbers were.  They told us that he has lots of keytones in his urine as well, what the hell are keytones?!

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