Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today was a great day for numbers until dinnertime that is.  Lunch and snack were in target range but then just when you think you are safe and on the road to a good number day, whappaow 17.3 @ dinner!!  Come on now really 17.3?!   4.5 units of NR and 3 hours later he was 14.3.  Not a great number but maybe I will get some much needed rest tonight.  I am thinking that morning NPH has to be raised but it may have just been because he wasn't active at all this afternoon after 3.  God I am so tired of chasing numbers, dreaming in numbers, second guessing everything is so hard on my brain.  I guess it's a good thing that I have 2 brains, one for Diabetes and one for everything else.

I can see in my ticker that I'm getting traffic but not too much feedback, or even hellos (insert pouty face here) Say hi I won't bite.  tell me about your day with your special T1 kid(s).


Jules said...

oh, i wish i'd found your blog sooner! im so slow on the uptake. doh. i see you using mmol/l you are talking my language. r u in Oz or Canada per chance?

Kerry said...

Hi Jules I am in Canada, where are you? I'm gonna go check you out after this comment lol. Thanks for stopping by, how are ya?