Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today I truly believed when I dropped the boy off at school that I would get a call because he had a low, but I was wrong!  Amazing!  His first day of foods calculated on the nutritional scale and his sugars have been spot on all day.

Here's the breakdown... 
Breakfast: 18 banana, 42 oatmeal with milk, 2 juice 62 Carbs (target for breakfast is 60)
Snack: 23 apple, 9 ritz crackers, 0 water 32 Carbs (target for snack 30-35)
Lunch: 22 sandwich, 21 glucerna diabetic drink, 1.5 raw green beans 44.5 Carbs (target for lunch 45)
Snack: 10 sugar free jelly beans 10 Carbs (target is 10)
Dinner: 15 potato, 12 milk, 0 pork chop, 0 cherry tomato, 0 cucumber slices, 17 jello 44 Carbs (target for dinner is 45)

I know that the day is not over yet but I think it's safe to say that this machine is going to be my best friend.  Colin's blood sugars were up around 12-14 everyday at lunchtime at school and that's double what they should be.  Today it was 6.2 it doesn't get any better than that, his target range is from 4-8. 

Someone's happy !!

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