Monday, January 31, 2011

Momma Melt Down

I really don't feel up to posting today but I think I should.  I went to Chapters this morning to get myself a copy of "Think like a pancreas" I have read so many good things about that one book and I think I am ready to start thinking about pumping so I thought I should be prepared and read this book.  I got to the computer and looked it up only to find that there were no copies of it at all in the city, bummer.  Sometimes I don't trust technology so I decided to go look in the Diabetes section for myself just in case it was stashed on a shelf, boy oh boy I wish I hadn't done that.  I ended up breaking down right there in the isle, I must have been a sight.  There wasn't anything in particular that triggered my rush of tears but it was major.  The diabetes books are one shelf up from depression and bi-polar self help books so I bet the customers around me thought I was messed up.  Not that I think there is anything wrong with people with depression (god knows I've been there, and medicated) but it did probably look like something other than it was.  I stood and cried as I looked through 5 or 6 useless books then sucked it up and went to the check-out and ordered my book.   Sometimes us strong D moms and dads just need a good cry don't you agree?  I feel better now and I have called our Nurse to make some adjustments that will hopefully get C-Lo's numbers down.  Since he is growing AGAIN his numbers are slowly slipping up up up and away.

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