Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's the weekend!

Thank goodness for Saturdays & Sundays is all I have to say.  Things have been going alright the past few days, kinda high numbers but he's getting got my cold so that is to be expected.  My D brain has been working overtime the past few days too, I hate this cause it usually means that something is about to come up.  Yesterday all I could think of was keytones and how I want to talk to the doc at clinic next time we are there about getting a meter.  Anyhooo at bedtime he was up to pee 3 times inside of 8 minutes and my heart started to race.  I calmly got the strips and we did our stuff...wait 15 seconds......negative, breathe.  It took me a good 15 minutes after he was back in bed to slow my racing heart.  We are going to toboggan again this weekend and everyone is excited, I am going to bring my camera this time since Daddy is home from work this week. 

Have a great Saturday everyone, here's a link to some cool pics 
click to see the nite pix

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