Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I just purchased the "Eat Smart Nutrition Scale" and I tell ya I'm stoked to use this baby every day already.    Let me get you up to speed on why I am so excited about this particular piece of technology.  My 8 year old son is Type 1 Diabetic and this scale doesn't just weigh your foods it also gives you all the nutritional info you could ever want or need.  It comes with 999 food already programmed into it and it has 100 empty memory spots for you to program any other foods that you want into it. 

 You might not realize it but counting carbohydrates and going by whats on the nutritional info chart isn't always accurate.  For instance last night we had tacos, I went by what the box said and my little dude ended up having a low only an hour after dinner.  This isn't normal but we fixed him up and on we went with our night.  Then I got the scale in the mail today so I decided to have leftovers and this time measure using the "eat smart" scale.  To my surprise the carbs were almost 11 less then what the box said!  Holy Cow Batman, that's what happened last night.  

So here's my plan with this blog, keep track of the boys food and hopefully we should see a lower A1C, lower weight, lower sugars and a happy boy and family. 

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