Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Finally the best part of the week is here; I love Saturday mornings full of coffee and the Internet.  Last night at dinner and bed C-Lo's numbers were in target range's been a while since we saw numbers exactly in range.  I was overjoyed because it was day 3 of insulin changes and I try and stick to the 3 day rule. Our 3 day rule is that you always stick with insulin changes for at least 3 full days and it usually levels out and we carry on.  Anyways I gave bedtime snack and we watched the Clone Wars cartoon for 15 mins and then when he tested he was only 5.7 are you kidding me wtf?!#@*  So we went ahead and had a few crackers and a cheese string...wait...nothing 5.8 ?!@$%  After almost 40 minutes of waiting and about 16 extra carbs I got a 7.7 reading :) This makes us both very happy cause C-Lo's sugar has to be over 7.0 to get bedtime insulin so he can go to bed.  By now he's pooped and so am I so I get him all taken care of and snuggled tight in his bed, kisses and squishes, sweetest of dreams my love.  I set my alarm for 2 am again and thought we might see a low in the night since he's been waking up high.  Yeah right!  No rebounding but that extra carbs sent him flying.   Breakfast numbers were crazy too 13.4 so I've made adjustments to food and I just have to get him out to play in the snow today.  I'm not even done my coffee and my D-Brain is working overtime.  I think it's time for something more aggressive if his numbers don't level off today. 

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