Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowy days are cozy family days

Yesterday was a success! 
Now my brother thinks that I am having a small love affair with Colins scale, and he isn't wrong.  Is it normal to really love a piece of technology this much? I am dreaming about it and constantly thinking about it wtfudge!?  I feel like I have so much more control now and at the end of the day that feeling makes me relax.  Less middle of the night checks, less counting his food in my mind while he's at school.  That all leaves me with time and energy to get this blog rocking.  here's how yesterday looked

Morning blood sugar was 8.2  I dropped NPH from 16 to 15 and NR from 3 to 2 hoping for lunch numbers to be in range and it worked, lunch was 5.1 !!!

Breakfast was a bit of a treat today I bought Apple Cinnamon Cheerios 30 carbs, 23 banana, 2 juice, 6 milk for cereal.  61 total
Snack: 20 Glucerna, 16 Asian Pear 36 total
Lunch: 23 Cereal bar, 30 Sandwich 53 total this one was a little high, he also had a jjb before going out to play since his numbers were a little low to go outside and play. That's an extra 12 carbs.
Snack: 10 Corn puffs 10 total
Dinner: 0 Roast Beef, 7 corn, 11 potatoes, 23 yorkies, 12 milk  53 total
Blood sugar at dinner wasn't too bad actually since we didn't test after school.  9.0 so I dropped dinner NR from 3 to 2 and bedtime after snack was 10.0.
bedtime snack: 18 yogurt, 4 ritz  22 total

This morning the sugars were right in check 5.2 so I kept with the insulin changes and a few less carbs, we r going tobogganing today since it's a PD Day so I have to cut back on the insulin and bump up snacks before we head out anyways.

Have a great Friday.

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