Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day!!

What a day I tell ya I'm pooped and it's only 3:20 in the afternoon, we had a rough night here and I Colin and I both lost about 3 hours of sleep.   Yesterday my brother came and spent the day with us, I cooked a great beef stew and the 3 of us played Just dance 2 on the wii for a good little while.   I was sweating my ass off and laughing my ass off as well.  You have no idea how cute it was to look over and  me, my 16 yr old brother and my son were all dancing perfectly to Rasputin by Boney M...I almost peed my pants a little.  Anyways we took a break to make homemade valentines for my Mom, she came over with our valentines and Colin wanted to show her how he dances and the kid didn't want to stop I had to make him because it was 30 mins or so till bedtime and that's never a good thing for the blood sugar at night.  So he was 10.4 at bedtime BEFORE he had his snack and still he went low at night.  I woke up to my little monkey standing by my side saying "I feel funny" and I hopped up got the test kit and checked him 2.7!!! WTF.  We treated and it took about 20-25 mins to get him up to 4.6 but he really felt shitty from that bad low.  I gave him a glucerna drink and then we snuggled up in his big ol bed and waited for his sugars to come up.  I ended up being awake from 3am till about 5:30 so I'm soooo tired now.  Monkey is fine needless to say but I can't keep this kid off the freaking just dance game lol. 


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