Monday, February 28, 2011


Last summer C and I did a lot of swimming at the brand new Thames pool and he picked up a few nasty warts on his foot.  When he got home from his week away at Diabetic camp had changed from tiny dots to full on warts, yuck.  We saw the endo and he said it was fine to use the kids compound W on them but to just be very careful because his feet are, well they are diabetic feet so you have to take extra care.  So we started putting that gel on his feet and it wasn't doing a thing so we went to a Podiatrist and thought he would freeze it and remove it for C.  Was I ever wrong!  This fossil of a "Dr" had the bedside manor of an angry bear, he came into the room and didn't even try to be nice to C he just looked at his feet and told us that he was a weak boy...he could tell from his ankles.  Then he just got out a freaking humongous needle and tried to shove it into his foot without telling us what he was doing.  I stepped in front of him and said "please tell us what you are going to do before you do it Sir, my son needs to know what's going on" by this time C was curled up in a ball on the examining table crying.  He scoffed at me and told Colin he was a big baby and that he wasn't going to help us till the "big baby grows up" OMFG I was furious.  He walked out of the room and told his secretary that "the boy is a cry baby" then out his coat on and walked out of the office, seriously can you believe it?!  I got C pulled together and told him that I will never let anyone mean try and treat him again.  Colins response was "mean people suck Mom" how true.  So I called around places and ended up speaking with an amazing Chiropodist and explaining what happened at the last place and he assured me that would not happen in his office.  This doctor ended up being amazing, he talked us through everything and didn't even touch C's warts.  He taught us a better and more effective way of treating with the compound W so that we didn't have to cut into his foot or freeze it at all.  This made C very happy and he loves the new guy.  During C's examination I told him what the last guy said about C's ankles so he had a look at them and then he did a bit of measuring and moving C's legs around.  He looks at me and says "did you know that his one leg is longer than the other?"  Um no I didn't.  It ends up that his one leg is longer, his spine is curved and his ankles are rolling out on him.  What the hell, we came here for warts and ended up with possible scoliosis.  X-rays are in and the pediatric orthopedist wants to see my baby.  I am scared shitless.  When it rains it pours I tell ya.  Here's my sweeties little back.  Anyone know about this sort of thing please feel free to msg me I could use some information and our appt isn't till mid July.

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MixtressSamiJoe said...

Wow, it really is curved! I would think that in the meantime, you could take him to a chiropractor and have him adjusted so his leg isn't so much longer and his spine is a bit straighter.
It will make a huge difference to him. It's possible that with orthotics and chiro he will not need surgery.