Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh No!

The signs and symptoms are all there but I hope I am wrong  ...  please oh please be wrong.  Colin's sugars have been high 'ish all day and he's been feeling really crappy from a little cough and he was a bit warm this morning.  Then before dinner he was under a blanket and shivering cold; he tested and was 10.2 no biggie.  But it still is weird for him to be cold, he strips his shirt off the second he is in the house everyday and will stay that way till he has to go out again if we let him.  I make sure he has on a top every night at bed and sure enough when I go check on him once he's asleep the shirt is always off.  Who am I to say don't be comfortable at bed?   So then at dinner I gave him 3 units of NR and he had about 46 carbs  then when he was done dinner his eyes were dark underneath and he asked to have a warm bath so hopefully this is nothing other than the lack of sleep catching up with him and not a yucky sickness.  Poor kid can't catch a break. 
Oh and it's snowing like bat-shit outside, this pic isn't from today but it's pretty much the same out there now ...  except it's dark out now :P

Daggg!  Well this me updating 2 hours later and we have full blown cold sickness.
He wanted to go to bed at 7:30 and I had to hold him off till 8 so I didn't totally screw up his system.  Blood sugars before snack were 17.3 !! but at least with zero keytones.  Small snack and 8.5 units NPH at 8 o'clock so cross your fingers for us I'm hoping he sleeps through the worst of it.

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