Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet ups, wants to pump and pioneer projects

First of all for some reason my question mark is being a pain in the rear.  This is what I`m getting É   instead of an actual question mark.  Let`s go with it shall weÉ   
We attended our first JDRF event on Sunday morning for a movie and a kickoff to this years fundraising.  It was great and I got to meet a T1 Mom that I have been chatting with on fb and her kids.  Our boys hit it off and at the end of the day when it was just Colin and I he asked me if he could get a pump, said he was ready now that he got to see the other boy work his.  He loved it!  So we are registered in the next pump info session at our clinic and that`s that for now.  I am very excited though because I really thought it would be a while till he said he was ready. 
 Colin`s Pioneer project was handed in this morning and I saw his teachers reaction and she really liked it so I think he will do very well.  I know he would be disappointed if he didn't get a good mark.  Here are the pics of his homestead.  He used a hot glue gun like a pro and created everything.

Materials used:  Popsicle sticks, cotton balls, rubber animals, rocks, floral wire, moss, tissue paper, felt,a saw, file, test strip bottle, syringe lids, paint and a LOT of glue. 

To top my day off he kicked the wall during gym class today and bent the top third of this big toenail down, AHHHHH!  Off to the docs we go tomorrow.


Reyna said...

Oh DEAR! On the toenail. And the project looks well done!

MixtressSamiJoe said...

Great work on the project!

sky0138 said...

YAY for deciding he wants to get the pump now too!!! Our kiddos really are on the same path...lolol. Let me know how your first info class goes! FANTASTIC job on the project too! I hope his poor toe is ok as well. :o(

Reyna said...

Checking in on you guys. You haven't blogged for a few days. Is everything OK? xoxo

Jules said...

That project looks AWESOME!!

Kerry said...

Reyna we are good thanks for checking in :) Been busy as a bee but all is well and I will be posting this afternoon hopefully.