Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sharing Sunday

Happy Sunday to all of you out there in the interweb :)  

This is my sweetie pie Lola Bella aka Beaner, Beanzooks, ElleBee, Beany, Bean (I am sensing a pattern here) Dookers, LaLa and Sweetheart.  Ain't she purdy?

She is my dog and I am her person, I think she's very happy having me as her person.  We sleep under the covers together and she loves when I throw her some "salami bombs" while I'm making Colin's lunch for school in the morning.  She is very barky and I love it, it makes me laugh.  My neighbours who live below us may not feel the same way though.

This is me and Colin, my reason for living.  

I have no idea where I would be or what I would be doing if I wasn't blessed with having Colin.  He saved my life and he doesn't even know it, maybe he never will and that's ok with me because I know. 

Yesterday when we were out getting him supplies for a class project he had a bad low, it was one of those lows that I should have seen coming because all of the classic symptoms were there but these are not HIS usual symptoms.  He was every irritable, rude and emotional.  Then we turned down an isle and he said the dreaded words "Mom I feel really funny" normally it's "Mom I feel funny" but real funny, uh-oh.  He asked me to get his kit ready for him which he usually does on his own and he just flopped down on the floor so I just knew.  Clean finger, poke finger, test strip in.  .   .   .   .   . 2.4 OMFGSHITNO! 

I calmly got out a juice for him and he sucked it back with no straw in it, really no straw wow.  He wanted more and since the junior juice boxes are only 12 carbs  gave him a few glucose tabs and he layed down oh his coat in the middle of the fake flower isle at Michaels Craft Store.  He always ask me for more than he really needs and I hate making him wait that 15 mins to see if he's coming up, what if he's going down?  But we wait.  It is 40 mins till snack time for him and I only had 2 juices with me and a roll of dex I was praying that this wasn't going to be a time where I need glucagon.  I have it AT HOME!  Colin felt really shaky and weird for being on the floor so I got right down and layed with him till he came up to 3.8 and he was sitting on the floor now.  No one said a word or even came down the isle the whole time we were there, they just let us be without making any strange faces so that was nice. 

Fast forward 25 minutes and we are sitting both chowing down on bagels from the great Canadian bagel that was next door to the craft store, Colin was very happy about that.  Phew crisis averted, pat myself and Colin on the back and back in the car we get only to have him get the biggest nose bleed in history.  I had nothing to sop it up with so he used his coat OMG! 
All in all it was a great day, he did have another low but he just bounces back like nothing happened most of the time, he's so strong. 

You are my hero Colin I love you.


Reyna said...

Kerry. I.LOVE.YOU!!! You and Colin are heroes...both of you. I can feel what the floor feels like. I have been there. I know that place. I have been there with Joe. Love you. And...hugs to Colin.

And your Dog is CUTE!

sky0138 said...

You are such an awesome Momma! I too have been there on the floor. Colin seems like such an amazing kid too...just bouncing back and going on with his day...that's very cool. HUGS!

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh! I have come upon this post from SamiJoe at Peek Thru Our Window.

I have tears in my eyes. I saw the scene playout and pictured the two of you laying down together on the floor in Michael's. You are the best mom and I'm so happy your son has you!

I had Gestational Diabetes when I was pregnant. I have a small understanding of some of the things you mentioned in this post. The snack times, managing lows working out the highs etc.

I can not even imagine what it must be like to raise a child with this're a strong lady and your son is a trooper!


Kerry said...

Hi Kelly thanks for stopping by and taking the time for a read and for the sweet comment. I can't imagine having Gestational D all I wanted to do was eat eat eat when I was preggers, I guess that wouldn't be wise with GD. :)