Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Weekend!!

Boy oh boy it's been a while since I posted I guess I've been pretty busy, how is everyone doing?  We are all great here, diabetes is behaving today for the first time in days so I am a very happy Momma. 

The boy is feeling well and has just told me that his hair is driving him nuts and that he wants to get it cut today.  This is HUGE because his hair is horrible right now and he hasn't wanted to get it cut for about 4 months now, I'm not gonna make him do it because it is only hair after all.  Truth be told though it has driven me nuts being in that in-between short and long style that boys rock that really just makes them look like they just got out of bed...ALL THE TIME!  I know better than to sweat the small stuff so when he told me this morning that he wants to get it cut today before we go to the JDRF Family Movie tomorrow morning I jumped at the opportunity.  Today was going to be Spring clean day at my place but I think a nice lunch out with my favourite boy and a haircut sounds like way more fun to me. BTW does your T1's hair and nails grow super fast also?  I was told it was because of the insulin, weird but cool.

My brother is coming to stay with us tonight and is also coming to the JDRF event in the morning with us and I am very excited.  He is 16 turning 30 and he spends a lot of time with us so I am so happy that he wanted to come with us to meet some of the families here in London and that he is such a wonderful guy to my Colin.  I am also going to be meeting another Canadian D-Mom and her son tomorrow from our facebook group and that has got me super excited, I've never been able to meet any of you guys in the flesh yet so this is a first.  Also Colin will be able to meet some of the awesome kids that are just like him and that makes my heart smile :)  I am going to bring my camera for the haircut and for the movie tomorrow so I will post the pics for you all to see. 

I hope the sun is shining and that you all have a super fantastic Saturday.


Reyna said...

WOHOOO on the meet-up. I love me a good D Mama and kiddo meet up.

And...I didn't know that abou their hair and nails. Joe always needs his nails trimmed. AND...we buz his hair every few months and then let it grow out to the "I just got outta bed phase" - LOL.

Have fun.

sky0138 said...

I hope you guys have the BEST time!! I have never heard about the hair/nail growing thing either...that makes sense though! Both Emma's hair and her nails seem to grow crazy fast!