Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Bag for school

I am always on the hunt for new stuff for Colin that will make his day easier and today I came across a great little bad for his supplies.  He has used hip-sacks, small backpacks all sorts of things.  Today I found a DAKINE bag that is perfect, it is actually a travel toiletries bag that I added a strap to tonight.  He loves it because it looks dirty even though it's brand new lol, boys.  This bag is smaller, lighter and has way better storage areas in it, here have a look...

Look at all the areas for supplies, finally I can send him with what he needs without a bulky bag :)
It's the little things


Chris said...

I love this dirty little bag. VERY cool and its even a skate company! awesome

Kerry said...

It's working so well for him, I thought it was cool. I like to buy him him sweet gear :)