Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lazy Days

I feel like I was hit by a truck today seriously no fun at all.  We've had a crazy week with lots of lows, lots and lots.  No wonder I feel like total shit I can't imagine what Colin feels like.  His toe is doing great, no reasons for antibiotics or anything and the toenail actually is fine.  That is a HUGE relief to both Colin and I and he actually is going to let me clip his toenails tonight so it must not have any pain either.  We had an "incident" at his school early in the week and it went something like this.  Colin had a juice at school before recess and then came in and ate his whole lunch and still felt funny after lunch so he tested and was 4.3 but feeling really shitty.  He went to the office and his principal asked him what his blood sugar was and he told her.  She said "well that's a fine number, your target is 5-10 so go back to class" and he apparently just stood there with his jaw on the floor.  He wanted to just call me and ask what he should do because he still felt low.  So first of all this lady clearly can't do basic math because last time I checked 4.3 IS lower than 5, second of all his target isn't 5-10 it's 4-8 always has been and thirdly WTF woman the boy needed help and was shu'd away and not given a chance to talk.  I was furious to say the least so I went into the office before school and couldn't get any face-time with her then so I left instructions with the new secretary who also knows nothing.  I was nearly in tears trying to keep from screaming at this lady.  I decided I needed to talk to our nurse/diabetes educator and she really helped calm me down, she answered all my questions and offered to come and do a little D-teachings to the staff if I wanted but she wants me to advocate for Colin mostly on my own.  That scares the crap out of me and she told me that I am a fantastic advocate for my son already and I guess I just never saw it, never looked.  But once I did I realized that she is right and it gave me clarity and peace and I was able to go in and have a great conversation on Friday with the VP and the Principal.  Colin was 2.8 and the VP called me and told me that he didn't have a juice and she didn't know why so I busted it over to the school.  I live literally 7 houses away from the school so its never long for me to get there.  He had had a juice, he was confused when she asked I guess and so we took care of that and the principal came in the room and was apologising right away for her screw up earlier in the week.  I did a few mins of education and they would like to have the nurse in again because of new staff and in the end I felt much better (and I didn't break a sweat) and Colin feel safer again. 

Oh gosh I'm sorry for all the awful punctuation and spelling and grammatical errors int his post but I'm pooped, apparently my brain is too.  I need sustenance maybe that's the prob.  Hope you are all doing great and enjoying your sweeties today.


Reyna said...

Thanks for the updates! I was getting worried about you guys... are doing a wonderful job in advocating for Colin. Keep up the great work.


Jules said...

oh gosh i can relate to the feeling of wanting to scream at them at school. my d-child is only 18months old, but his older brother got into trouble for being late to school and i felt entitled to rip it into them as we were late arriving for treating a hypo. Cant imagine the emotion that their ignorance with the d-child would emit. unfortunately we have to advocate for them, nobody else will. I agree you are doing an amazing job hes a lucky boy to have you for a mum. On another point, yep i hear ya on the tiredness. I feel like ass on legs. (not the sexy type ahahah the TIRED crappy type!)