Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pre Diabetes

So I found an old youtube account yesterday that I had totally forgotten about and it really crushed me to see the videos.  I guess I stopped using that acct pretty soon after diagnosis because there is only 2 or 3 vids that I posted after that.  It's the videos that were from the summer pre-D that really upset me now because NOW I see everything.  Now I know that the reason that he used to scream and have wild mood swings was because D was attacking his sweet little body.  Now I see the paleness and all that weight loss omg so much weight loss.  My family are not all skinny minnies like my Mom, most of us are average size with a bit of squish :)  So to see my kiddo who was once like the Michelin man all skin and bones really scares the hell out of me now.   I just want a cure for all of our children, I want to be able to tell him that this is all going to be over now and that he can lead a normal carefree life.  I would give my pancreas to him in a heartbeat if I could...why can't I? 

here's a few vids that were literally shot back to back and  you can see the mood swings. happy. sad. happy.  This was 2 weeks before DX and he is so skinny :(

video 1

video 2

video 3

and now for the after DX video...feeling better clearly.  Notice the booty bounce lol.


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Jules said...

ive been dealing with this alot lately. the mood swings..in some ways i was releived to get a diagnosis and not be sent home for more of the same. i hear ya tho it makes me incredibly sad too. what a cutie.