Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good Morning!

Man I feel so out of touch with my blog and social networking in general and it makes me a bit sad :(  I miss all you awesome folks out there.  You see my facebook got hacked and was super-duper spammy and buggy so I just deactivated it because I was messing up my friends profiles as well.  This is the first time that has happened to me and I am pretty sure it was a Zynga game or something like that that had gotten in there and scrambled my acct.  So I tried to start a new facecrack acct and it will only let me add 20 people and it said I have to wait 4 days to even send anymore adds to people, really wtf?!  I can't go that long without adding my best buds so I think I am just going to activate my old one and get rid of everything that is a game or application and see how it goes from there.  Have any of you ever had this happend to your acct? 

As far as the diabetes game goes things on the home front have been quiet and pretty stable for the past week, I like it :)  Yesterday the weather was amazing so we went to Wal-Mart and bought 2 basketballs and Colin and I spent 2 hours at the school enjoying the sun and shooting hoops.  Well I shot hoops for most of the time and he kept bouncing back and forth from me to his buddy Miles that we ran into at the school.  Miles was with 2 boys that are 1 grade above Colin, these 2 boys were trying to light a lighter on fire with a pack of matches and they thought they were hiding it from me but I know what a turned back trying to light matches looks like lol.  When they left and we were walking home Colin told me that those boys are not his friends and that they wanted him to hide from me that they were trying to light fires...yikes!  But my sweet honest boy told me what they did and what they said and he told me that he would never do anything that silly because its dangerous...what a smartie.  I did leave him with Miles for about 15 mins in the school yard with his kit and I went tot the store just so that he could get some space and not feel like I don't let him do anything on his own.  I really want to get the heck out of this neighbourhood though because as much as Colin loves the school and he is comfortable there, the families and the kids (not all of them) really leave a bad taste in my mouth.  The kids are left alone a lot, and they are in trouble a lot and I now that it would be a bit better in another community.  I need to be around parents who care and the kids in Colins class mostly are "problem kids".  I am laughing as I type this because it was the teacher that told me that in her class 18 out of the 23 kids have been deemed "problem kids" and Colin isn't one of them so it sucks for him.  He misses out on things and he's around these bad influences.  Uuugh I hate it here.  Oh yeah and to top it off my kitchen ceiling collapsed on Friday...yep it really did but just the inside with all the old plaster and stuff what a frigging mess.  No ones coming to start the fix job till Tuesday either so I think its definitely time to move out of this rental hell and buy something somewhere nice.
How's your weekend going?

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Jules said...

cripes. thank goodness youve got a smart little chicken there, despite the environment hes still blooming becos you put the good stuff in him!