Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sugar Free RING POPS?! Who knew?

I was offered a chance to try out Sugar Free Ring Pops recently and as I'm sure most of you would too, I jumped at it.  The rep I was in contact with was amazing and despite a postal strike here in Canada we got our package and Colin couldn't wait to try one out.  Colin had never had a Ring Pop in his life and I was tearing up at the thought of him being able to have one and feel a little more "normal" for a short time.  It's funny because only us D Moms would ever weep tears of joy watching their child eating candy lol.

Lunch time test had his blood at 6.7 an excellent number if I do say so myself, Colin ate a small lunch and finished it off with his Sugar Free Ring Pop .  Colin had the watermelon one because it's green and he loves green.  He said it tasted "better than watermelon" and loved that his hands were free to still play with his action figures and suck on his candy at the same time.  It ended up taking him 30 minutes to finish it and that was awesome to him, long lasting candy apparently "rules" in the eye of my son.

We tested Colins blood sugar again 2 hours later and it was 8.4!  Woohoo no crazy spikes from the Ring |Pop I was amazed, in a really good way.

 So the good ole folks at Ring Pop have given me 3 packages (consisting of 3 different flavours) to giveaway  to you guys!!  Awesome eh?  Here's what you need to do to win these baby's:

Comment on this blog entry and tell me about a memory you have about Ring Pops or share a pic you have of someone enjoying a ring pop.  There is a great fan page at Facebook Fan Page also you can like it there for an extra entry.

This contest is open until 10 pm Friday July 22, 2011

Good Luck!!


Krystin Clark-Goodsell said...

Kare... I nearly got choked up myself with the excitement of him getting to enjoy such a rare treat. You got to give T1D kids credit, when they DO get an extra special treat, MAN do they SAVOUR IT and are more grateful for the experience. You've got me laughing, Ring Pops were such standard summer vacation fare as a kid for me and my brother, it's a hearttug to know that your child will be able to have some of the same memories. Heck, they'll be better, to them they'll be exotic ring pops! Beautiful blog by the way...

Kerry said...

:) You're entered!