Friday, July 22, 2011

keytones are scary to me

Morning everyone!  How hot is it in your town?  Yesterday we reached 47 degrees Celsius with the humidex and today is supposed to be around 40!  Needless to say we haven't really been out of the house since Monday because of the heatwave and I think we are going a bit batty because of it.  Yesterday we had to go out in the heat for a half an hour maybe and it resulted in a 2.6 that was a toughy to rebound from.  This morning he was up at 2:30 having chest and foot pains and didn't say anything to me about the pain he just woke me up and said he couldn't sleep.  So we went to the living room and turned up the A/C and tried to rest.  We eventually fell asleep and he got up early and made me breakfast again...such a sweetie but it's gotta stop.  He gets up and uses sharp knives and the toaster without being supervised at all and it scares the hell out of me.  he's so sneaky lol.  When he looked at me and told me about his pains I saw his dry lips and flushed face and nearly cried...I know that face.  I had him test and he was 17.9...we did a blood keytone test 0.4 I've never seen it over 0.2 to tell you the truth so I started to panic a bit.  Tried to figure out his total daily dose and add 5% to correct the keytones and I got it right but now I'm playing the waiting game because 7 units of NR in the am is a hell of a stretch from the usual 2.5 if he's in range.  At 9 am he was 25.4 because of breakfast at 8.  10 am he was down to 20.4 but the NR is working very hard now that its been in him for 2 hours.  2 more hours of checking and a big snack soon and I'm hoping hes gonna be all fixed up.  keytones at 9 am were down to 0.1 so that made me happy.  I did call our diabetic nurse and she's so awesome I really love her she said I did everything right and that he will most likely just need extra snack and hourly testing for a few hours.  Do keytones scare you as much as they scare me?

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Reyna said...

Ketones are NO FUN!!!