Tuesday, June 21, 2011

School's almost out!

I am having all kinds of mixed emotions about this time of year, how about you?  Colins numbers are so much better when he is home with me and not at school so that I am looking forward too.  Obviously I am looking forward to beach days and bike riding too but diabetes will be there every step of the way and THAT pisses me off.  Today is one of my "off" days about diabetes and I am thinking about it a lot trying to plan how we can do what we really want to do and still be safe and sane.  I would love to go camping but it scares the shit out of me, keeping insulin cool but not frozen in the outdoors isn't the easiest thing to do without a trailer (which we do not have) or a little fridge.  Have any of you tried this I would love to hear tips or just any ideas I guess because I am at a loss.  I wonder if FRIO cases would work? 
Oh and yesterday I spent hours scouring the city for the perfect bike for Colin as his passing present and I was successful, OH YEAH!  He's gonna love it it's the coolest bike I want it, and I did actually ride it from the store to my car lol.  He gets it next Wednesday when school is out I think he will be very excited. 
I am also going to be doing some product sampling in the near future for my blog and I will be having GIVEAWAYS!!  I'm really excited and I really appreciate being picked for the reviews.

SNACK TIME!   have a great day y'all  :)


Reyna said...

WooHoo for SUMMER. We just started. I don't keep Joe's opened vial of insulin refrigerated...only if it is like in the 90s (even then...he has insulin that sits in his pump for days on end without extra attention). I haven't tried a Frio...sounds like it is a possibility. Good luck. You will make it an awesome summer for you and Colin.


Jules said...

gotta see a pic of that bike!!!!

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