Monday, May 30, 2011

lovely weekend full of lows

My kid is so amazing!
I know I know, ALL of our kids are amazing but the d-kids I know are the bravest people I know. 

The weekend was full of farmers markets, yard sales, dog walks and a lot of talking about diabetes.  Looking at the logbook of Colins numbers you would never know that there was any problems but there were.  All of his mealtime numbers were great 5.0 - 7.2 was his range but within an hour after every meal or snack we saw 2.6 - 3.1 every time!!??WTF   I wonder if this is because he is growing because he was well carbed and I even cut his insulin in the morning and at dinner.  I can't wait till puberty starts (rolls eyes) it's a whole new ball game then I bet.  Needless to say through all the lows this weekend he didn't let it get him down and that's one of the reasons I think he's so awesome.  Colin was out front with me and the neighbour (she's just moved in with her 16 month old girl) and when he had a low he sat down cleaned his finger off, got the test kit ready and she said "OMG he's not going to poke his finger is he? Eeewwww gross" and she ran on her porch squealing like a stuck pig.  Once he tested she came back and saw his number and saw me get him a juice box and we sat on the driveway till he was feeling better.  When she came back she told me that there was "no way ever" that she could do that to her daughter and she would never give her needles.  I laughed at her and told her that her daughter would die if she didn't and that she would get over it real quick if it was her child.  I tried to be nice but she started in on me about just not feeding him anything with sugar in it so he didn't need insulin.  I almost spit my drink out when she said this, seriously.  I told her that if she wanted I could bring her some stuff to read so that if she sees Colin in need of some help she will know the disease a bit better.   She said no!  I tried to explain to her that carbs = sugar and that he needs sugar to live and she still didn't get it.  I think shes thinking that type 2 and type 1 are the same, maybe I'll slip some reading materials into her mailbox lol. 
Hope everyone is feeling great and enjoying the sun :)


Scully said...

holy igoramous there! I am holding back all sorts of bad names.
I think you need to help educate just a little. She might need to know one day in case of emergency.

Reyna said...

Oh MY!!! She annoyed me on so many levels Kerry. Good for you for keeping your cool. YES, educate her a bit more. She can at least slap him some sugar if she sees him acting "off" in the 'hood'.

Jules said...

crikey the stupidity. i wouldve wanted to smoke that lady.

Kerry said...

I should note that she is young and very naive, very earthy and organic but not educated at all. It really was her reaction that got me the most. Come on now, like you wouldn't do it if you had to.