Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bike riding = Lows Galore

I don't think I will be able to get this kid off of wheels all summer, HOLY CRAP!  So much rolling on skateboards and bikes and so many damn lows.  We spent almost 2 hours feeding the low at bed last night before he was high enough (7) to get his NPH and go to sleep poor kid. Then nite lows and a 6 am one to boot.  Then again today!  Still we have both had a great weekend and I am just so happy for the warm weather to finally be here to stay. 
Next Sunday is our JDRF walk and we've passed our goal so I am very happy, shirts are on the way and we will have the support of Colins very immediate family there with us :)  I know it's gonna be an emotional day for me since it's our first walk, I am going to bring my big girl camera and document the whole day. 
Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday.


Reyna said...

Chin up girl...know you got a Pancreas Twin in VT...your w/e sounds much like mine. If it has wheels...Joe is doing it. He even rode and effing clown bike while wearing roller blades...crazy nuts!!!


Good luck at the Walk. I'll be thinking of you. It is an emotional experience.

Jules said...

holy crap!!! this is what i have in my future. my hair is turning grey! you are doing a great job, hang in there all your worry and love and care for t1, is allowing him to be a normal, healthy and active child. MUCH LOVE>xx

Heidi / D-Tales said...

He looks so happy on his bike! Kudos to you for battling D and enabling him to enjoy biking in the warm weather!

Scully said...

Beautiful pictures! but they come at a cost. wheels = lows. :( You will enjoy the walk and all the support!

Kerry said...

Reyna that's hilarious where's the pics of Joe doing that,lol? Lastnight was full of lows as well so we are taking the day to rest 10 lows in 2 days really kicks the crap out of my guy, I can't even imagine what that feels like. He is so happy though and I'm just adjusting his insulin and food along the way and hopefully we won't have to take as many D breaks next time...tomorrow :)

Denise said...

glad you didn't let those lows get you guys down. with warm weather comes more activity and the need for less insulin.
my son is the same with riding his bike...I could barely stop him long enough this weekend to get a juice box down him while he was low!! ahhh, boys!!
good luck with your Walk! can't wait to hear about it and see pictures :-)